Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Oct 17 2018
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Supercharge Your Marketing with Riskalyze: How to best leverage innate curiosity about the Risk Number to drive growth in your client base.

Riskalyze 101: Beginner guide on how to use the basic features in Riskalyze

Riskalyze 201: Geared toward the advisor with intermediate experience in product, this implements concepts from both 101 & 301

Riskalyze 301: Overview of how Riskalyze can streamline your model portfolio management and proposal workflows, plus, an in-depth review of best practices for working with model portfolios.

Getting Started with Autopilot Trading Automation: Learn how advisors are driving automation and personalization into how they make and implement investment decisions for their clients. See click-by-click how you can implement Autopilot for one, ten or all of your client accounts.

Success Through Acquisitions, Succession Planning and Dynamic Innovation: Discover how one of the nation’s top advisors, Alex Chalekian, has grown his practice through acquisitions and innovation. Utilizing technology to help streamline his office and creating scalability has helped him acquire 7 practices. You’ll learn how to successfully acquire and transition a practice as well as how to leverage technology to scale your business. Join us for a dynamic session on growing in today’s challenging environment as Alex shares his experience on acquiring/selling/merging practices and how to avoid the many pitfalls.