Bonus Education: Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Oct 19 2018
2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Bonus Education: Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Hiring For Your Firm: Creative Ways To Find Someone Who Fits The Bill: Tips on finding, hiring, compensating and training a new employees

Owning the 401K Rollover Space: Winning and retaining retirement plan business requires specialized knowledge, skills and technology. How do you capture these opportunities?

The Value Gap: Exploring the differences of perceived vs actual value of advisors today and how fee compression, DOL and technology have changed how consumers view advisors.

Advanced Portfolio Risk Modeling: Dive deep into the risk modeling engine behind Riskalyze, learn how to illustrate risk, reward and stress tests with clients, and see how easy it is to add SMAs, FIAs, REITs and other alternatives into a portfolio.

Can a Fiduciary Manage 100+ Clients?: Imagine being asked the following question by your favorite client’s child: “How can you be acting in mom’s best interest when you have so many clients?” That’s a legitimate question. Join us to learn the questions every advisor should ask in order to offer best interest advice at scale.

Riskalyze 301: Time to Be a Power User: Overview of how Riskalyze can streamline your model portfolio management and proposal workflows, plus, an in-depth review of best practices for working with model portfolios.