Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Oct 18 2018
2:45 pm - 3:15 pm

Riskalyze Breakout Sessions

Q&A with Riskalyze’s Coaching Team: Advisors ask their top questions to Riskalyze coaches

The Client Management Life Cycle: Follow an investor through their financial journey from opening an account to passing it to their heirs. How Riskalyze fits in and can address each stage.

The Principles of an Effective Integration: See how the most efficient practices leverage data workflow to save time and create insightful client review meetings.

Riskalyze 101: Let’s Start from the Top: Beginner guide on how to use the basic features in Riskalyze

Advanced Portfolio Risk Modeling: Dive deep into the risk modeling engine behind Riskalyze, learn how to illustrate risk, reward and stress tests with clients, and see how easy it is to add SMAs, FIAs, REITs and other alternatives into a portfolio.

Deep Dive: How to Use Riskalyze Premier to Drive Client Engagement: If you’ve upgraded to Riskalyze Premier, join this session for a deep dive on the ins and outs of Stats, Client Dashboard, Account Opening, Retirement Plans, Data Sharing and Asset Sync.

Sticking the Landing: How to Win More of Your Prospect Meetings: Clients that are impressed offer not only their business but can also offer valuable referrals. Hear stories and learn more about winning the initial meeting.

The Client Review of the Future: Learn how top advisors are leveraging all the features of Riskalyze to create an engaging client review experience that drives client satisfaction and retention.